Matt's Inspiring Health Transformation

Greetings lovely folks - Stacia here :) Today, I am going to be blogging about a very inspirational friend of mine, Matt Briest. Matt experienced a major weight loss and health transformation with the help of a vegan diet. His transformation is a true testament to the power of a vegan diet and lots of self care and love!! Check out the interview I did with him and learn more about his story...

Matt before his weight loss
Matt after his weight loss

How much weight did you lose and how did you do it?

I lost half of my body weight. I weighed 329 pounds when I started in 2009, and I weighed 168 pounds at my smallest a year and a half later. I am currently 170-175 consistently. I lost my weight through a mostly vegan diet, practicing yoga, as well as walking an hour a day religiously. I started every day with a raw food porridge and a huge salad for lunch, then some kind of veggie dinner, but no breads and processed foods of any kind. 

How has your weight loss changed your life? 

It has changed my life in so many ways, but the main thing it has done is given me an education of how to feed my body correctly, so I don't ever count calories or any of that nonsense.

How do you maintain your weight now that you've slimmed down?

Since I lost the weight I have found it very easy to maintain. Ever since I have gone completely vegan it has been a breeze. If I am hungry, then I eat - and oh yeah I love to eat. I eat all day long until about 6:00pm. Then I am all done for the day, so that my body has time to process all of the food. If I do get hungry, then I eat only fruit after 6:00 pm.

What is you advice for others looking to lose weight and get healthy?

My advice to others is to reset your whole way of thinking and gain a whole new level of self love. When you eat clean food you get a clean and clear mind and that also affects the spirit.

What are your favorite vegan foods to prepare?

As far as my favorite foods, I would say that raw porridge is my all time favorite, but I love food and love to eat so any whole vegan food is OK by me!

Matt's passion for health extends to the work he does - running a wellness center with his wonderful wife, Julia. If you are in the Detroit area and are interested in healing services, including massage and sound healing, please check them out at Compassion Wellness Center.


  1. Yay Matt! Yay Porridge!

  2. As in, wow! You really did a great improvement. I have a neighbor before who accomplished something similar to your achievement and I can really see him so happy today. Keep the good work guys.


  3. What a wonderful story! :) Way to go Matt!

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